Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not just another day

Tomorrow will never come today
by the time tomorrow comes,
today will be no more.

My mind is muddled with so many different thoughts right now, I don't really know what I want to say here. There are times when I feel every day is passing by with increasing speed. Other times, tomorrow seems to never come. Again and again, I struggle with the battle of wanting to accomplish as much as I can in a narrow time frame of a 24-hour day and wanting to get over my first semester in college as fast as possible.

I'm always in a confused state of desiring both ends of a scale; wanting time to pass more slowly so that I can cherish every precious minute of it and at the same time impatient to live in the future. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm not. I can never be sure, because I might really be crazy. Or not.

See my point?

Time seems pointless when every day seems like an ordinary day. But any day can be extraordinary. And every day can be any day. So every day can be an extraordinary day, am I right? Then I guess I'm not going through the motion of just another ordinary day.

I think I'm just pulling you with me into my muddled world.

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