Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Inevitable

As much as I long for another week of break, it is good to be back in the hustle and bustle of college life; of assignments, deadlines, packed schedule, refraining oneself from strangling a team member and generally just trying to get through another semester with fellow warriors in the form of friends.

I miss life at home already. This is what break does to you: Allowing yourself to dwell in the comfort of your own home and to do things at your own lazy pace. By the time you let yourself get used to the (relative) freedom and the slow pace of life, semester break is over and you are thrown right into the (supposedly) disciplined life of a college student again.

I said it was good anyhow because I know discipline is what I need to keep me grounded and not let myself wonder into my wonderland. I'm a dreamer, I admit. Putting me at home for too long a time would only cultivate the fantasies and dreams in me.

Earth to Amanda. I'm back in college. And dreams have to be left aside for the moment.

The inevitable is here.


  1. Dont worry we are all dreamer. but good to know you admit. vgood luck. i know you can do it. endure another semester. P.S hope the one you wish to strangle is not me

  2. Thanks =) Stop obsessing. I wasn't talking about a specific person. Not really anyway. But it's a general statement okay.