Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semester One. Done.

And there goes two-thirds of a year too.

Four months back, I wouldn't have thought it possible that so much can be learnt in such a short time. So much experiences, so many lessons, so many things that happened in and out of college. Turns out, my journalism class does not have a miserable count of 14 people. As the first few days and weeks wore on, few more came to join us, amounting to 24 year-one journalism students plus one or two occasional repeat students. I'm glad to have met the people I've come to know over the semester: the quiet, the annoying, the fun right down to the totally bizarre characters. College has been a bunch of fun.

Most of my lecturers I like, with a few exceptions like the racist, inconsiderate tutor of a certain subject that gave neither me nor my classmates any respect or much concern for our coursework. Oh, just him I don't like. Guess it's ONE exception then.

Aside from that one exception having interpersonal problems, lecturers and tutors have exposed me to priceless knowledge not just of the mass communication and journalism world, but of history, current events and the political scene of our country. Some have shared on their personal life with us, and a few proved to be beyond just an educator, but someone we can have fun with and talk casually to.

I think I did quite well for the semester. Tests and minor tasks were nothing I couldn't handle. Sure, I had some screw-ups in few assignments, but most came out good or at least satisfactory. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the finals I have sat for will turn out okay too.

In my first semester of my first time in college, I joined public speaking course as a co-curricular activity in order to obtain the two credit hours I would need to graduate with my diploma. I discovered speaking in public isn't as scary as many have made them to be. Speaking turned out to be a form of human communication I could do in front of a crowd without passing out. My advisor told me I had the potential of a good speaker, only problem is, I needed to slow down because I tended to go on like a bullet train when I became nervous.

I joined choir and Christian Fellowship too. Well, sort of. My excitement in choir didn't last for long because I found myself not able to click with my fellow members. I missed many practices due to collided time, which made me rethink my priorities in life, and I also soon came to my own conclusion that I can't sing for pennies. The decision was made to quit the choir team not long after. Admittedly, I didn't put in much effort in becoming a CF member either. Thanks only to Tricia, I am more involved, because she has been the one to push me and encourage me spiritually throughout the semester. Thank you, girl =)
My class, well, I can say there's definitely room for us all to grow in team spirit in the semesters to come. We are a quirky bunch, and I truly enjoy time with them. I've gotten to know most of them, and some have become my close friends, but next semester will hopefully be the time I break out of my shell and interact more with other classmates outside my comfort zone.

Being in college has exposed me to a whole new level of challenges, those of trying to keep myself sane when working as a group on an assignment, learning to accept differences in values and trying to understand personalities that are, to put it kindly, unique. Then again, these I had to cope back in secondary school, just less intense. I've had my fair share of outbursts. My outbursts toward others, theirs at me and others' toward others. A day in college without drama is like a lifetime without committing a crime: almost impossible. And that's what keeps college so interesting. I hope I don't come across as a drama-hungry mama.

These are some of the lovely people of my course/class. Yes, we a class make up the whole journalism course.

Since TAR College is pretty far from home, I have to stay in hostel for convenience's sake. But that change has been a good change, because with Yin Hui as my roommate and we being able to spend more time together, we have gotten to know each other more than we had last year, or the year before. I'm glad my roommate is someone I click with so well and already know for few years. So far, we haven't had any major disagreements on whether we can step into the room with shoes on or whether lights should be turned off at a certain time.

Thankfully, we complement and tolerate each other's peculiar behaviors well. One of us can act crazy anytime, and the other will readily join in the craziness. The nights of singing loudly (and sometimes terribly), talking non-stop about the most random stuff, watching couples in love outside our window and shooting each other with imaginary guns across the balconies to the bewilderment of our neighbors. These are the moments that are already building up memories I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life.

Not-so-sane Yin Hui.
Those feet are mine.
Our blank room in need of a major makeover.

Throughout the academic weeks, I spent more hours on campus and in my hostel room than at home, making me appreciate home so much more and look forward to weekends (okay, I've always do) when I can head back to the comfort of my own home. As the saying goes, 'there's no place like home'.

My eldest sister Pamela was lawfully wedded to her fiancé Jeremy on the 24th of July. While lawfully so, they are yet to be customarily married. Many changes and plans were made. Jeremy headed to Shanghai for a step up his career ladder. Sis quit her sky-high job as a cabin crew because she couldn't stand much longer being in Singapore alone. Besides, the wedding bells ring on Christmas day and there are plenty to be planned and preparations to be made.

So welcome home, sis. And farewell, Jeremy. Oh, but he is back for now because the couple has a wedding photo shoot coming up in few hours.

My family bought a new house too. In an area on the opposite side of the main road along residential park we currently live in.

God has been really good to me, blessing me with more than I could ever expect and guiding me through trying times. Amidst all these changes, I thank God most of all for keeping my family safe and sound. So many good things have happened in such a short time. Unfortunate events could have found their way to ruin my family's life too, but instead, God has kept them safe. This I hope I'll never take for granted.


  1. Hey hey!!! thanks for acknowledging me in your post, though it wasnt really much that i did, hehe.. love the picture and am really missing you already! nice post too and looking forward to spending the next sem with you!!! Love you!

  2. wei amanda nice testimony is mr ching the one you refer as racist please reply by annoymous blogger

  3. Tricia: You're welcome =) Don't say that! You've been an awesome friend and helped me a lot to get through the first semester. Love you too!

    Journal Blogger: OMG Andrew Ong, I did not say that! I have no idea who you are talking about.

  4. "Most of my lecturers I like, with a few exceptions like the racist, inconsiderate tutor of a certain subject that gave neither me nor my classmates any respect or much concern for our coursework. Oh, just him I don't like. Guess it's ONE exception then." direct quatation from Amanda blog
    you said that right?
    if so who is the one you refer as rasist,inconsiderate tutor? how you know is me

  5. Because only an idiot will post his comment as an anonymous one but still provide a link to his profile to reveal his identity.

    That's only what you said and think. I didn't mention any name in particular and am not going to even when you make your own speculation which is not necessarily true.

  6. wah are you calling me idiot? i am flabster! relax it not spectaculation or anything just trying to make a clear pictue dont want to be confuse dont be angry chiled and cool