Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fickle I am

As a person still in my teens--thank God, I think I have the right to be fickle. No, it's not just my basic human right. Fickleness is expected of every perfectly normal teenager. So here I am, changing my blog title for the third time in a year now just because I can never quite make up my mind what sounds cool (but not too cool) for a blog without compromising my life's philosophy.

I've also already changed my template for more than a week now--for the hundredth time if you really must know. I confess, the old splattered colors of rich red and orange and purple seemed appealing at first, then it got too much for my eyes to rest on after a while. So now it's a nice shade of calm blue (bordering turquoise) with ribbons and lace and spirals that's so scrapbooky I absolutely love it.

For my title, I've decided to settle for Noisy Canvas for now. It sounds sort of catchy to me. It makes sense to me too. Personally. So if it doesn't ring any bell or hold any meaning for you, good! My new title is supposed to be unfamiliar and unique anyway.

"Why such a random name?" you continue asking. I say, "Read the second last paragraph of this."

Oh, well, I'll just paste it here since I may make some changes a couple months from here:

This blog is my personal canvas, painted with words (and the occasional pictures) of my life, my reflection on it and everything that matters enough to me. Noisy is the restless state of my mind, constantly bombarding me with ideas I mostly never use. After all, it's called noise for a reason.
Yea, I've been obsessively making changes on this page about me and my blog too. It's a sign of hopeless perfectionism and fickleness.


  1. Then why not Colorful Canvas instead of Noisy Canvas? suit your reason more right?

  2. Then I ask you too: Why Colorful Canvas instead of Noisy Canvas?

  3. This blog is my personal canvas, painted with words Good enough?

  4. I'm not getting you. What do you mean?

  5. you said Paint with words right? so paint =colour hence Colorful Canvas

  6. Haha. Well, my mind can be a little schizophrenic and distracting sometimes. That's why I call it noisy. Too much going on.