Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's in the genetic makeup

I think I've been asked this question more than a hundred times in my lifetime. And amazingly, the question goes the same way almost every time--verbatim, like there is no other way of going about the question but ask, "Do you play basketball?"

I think my being 5'10" tall has more to do with genetics and less to do with whether I spent half my childhood jumping around trying to score hoops. Have you ever seen short people competing on the basketball court? I'm sure you have. So yea, not all basketball players are tall, and not all tall people are basketball players. Surely there are tall people in the world who can't even bounce a ball properly. That would be me, for starters.

Mind you, friendly folks. I'm not bashing people who I think are bashing me when they question me for being who God has created me to be. And please don't bash me for probably falsely assuming that others are bashing me when they really are just asking a simple four-word question.

This is just another one of those many random thoughts that passes through my mind when it is allowed to go idle.

And, oh, I don't play basketball, in case my inability to bounce a ball hasn't already given that fact away. So stop asking.

Cheers to world peace! =)


  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. I would never ask tall people sometimes aren't suppose to play ball their leg too tall they easy to trip and fall down especially when sitting on a bench

  3. Thanks, Dylana, for dropping by. =) You and your sis have great fashion sense, so I really love your blog. Keep up the awesome style!