Thursday, April 28, 2011

Plain Silliness

Peanut butter and banana together is just heaven. Today, I got out a cream cracker, a wheat cracker and a slice of oat cake, placed them on a plate, and slathered all three of them with peanut butter. Then I topped them off with sliced banana. I usually do it with wholemeal bread--my perfect idea (delusional or not) of a healthy meal--but since there weren't any bread at home, I improvised.
You should try it. It's better than good. I wonder when will I encounter peanut butter and banana ice cream. I've tried chocolate and banana ice cream, and it was awesome. Peanut butter goes well with anything too, doesn't it? Gosh. My life has just turned silly. Why should you care if I wish for peanut butter and banana ice cream?  
* * *   
I have found a new love in my life! I've finally transferred the six cacti in my home from their miserable little claustrophobia-inducing pots to a posh gated community. Now they can all be together. With almost the pride of a mother, seeing them looking so pretty sharing the same soil and having actually not died in my hands, I already have a growing itch to grow more things. I want more cacti now. I want a garden.

This semester break has been so productive. In a matter of few weeks, my life has turned silly and I've become more demanding. Oh well.
Goodbye to life in the hut
Say hi to posh living


  1. Your Semester Holidays are so productive but mine is SO unproductive :D

  2. But I was being sarcastic. Mine was really mostly a waste of time. Most of it. At least my cacti are producing. Haha

  3. hmm good dietary now I know why you so tall

  4. Thank you, Maddalena =)

    And thank you, Andrew =)

    "posh gated community"
    Too cute! i can imagine security guards all around. LOL

  6. Fortunately for them, they have personal thorns as their guard. Except for the two poor things covered in fur =P