Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why ruin a perfect cup of green tea?

I've found a food item that never tastes or smells or feels good outside its original form or purpose.

You know how some food is awesome by itself and is still pretty darn awesome as an ingredient for another food? Like, say, mangoes. A mango is perfect to be devoured in its simplest form--as a fruit--and is still good when turned into swiss roll, pudding and juice, or placed on a pastry.

But not green tea. Today, I realize green tea sucks for me as anything other than a cup of tea. For the last couple days, I've been showering with green tea gel. It comes from the collection of little hotel room bottles my mum loves to bring home (due to her we-already-paid-for-it philosophy) from every holiday trip and also from the hotels Che visited during her cabin crew days. We have been forced to use hotel shower gels for the past months because Mum refuses to buy giant bottles of gel from supermarkets until after we have cleared every drop from the hotel toiletry collection or moved into our new home. I guess she decided that collecting toiletries isn't that fun after all.

Anyway, the first few showers with the green tea gel were tolerable. But when I reached fourth time, I felt like puking as I lathered the gel in my hands. The unnaturally strong smell reminded me of the time I ate green tea Oreo cookies. My first green tea cookie was fine. A little too aromatic for a cookie if I may. Few cookies later, the aroma turned into an artificial taste. And from then on, I felt like puking every time I smelled a green tea flavored cookie or ice cream. Then I realized, green tea product works on first encounter, but quickly spirals downhill from there.

Give me one more green tea product that is not tea, and I'll be put off with green tea forever.

Haha. Sorry, Jess, but your green tea ice cream doesn't work for me.

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