Sunday, May 8, 2011

Growing up and moving on

Yesterday, I left behind a chunk of my childhood in my youngest uncle's house. I hate to say goodbye or to think that I would probably never be able to claim back that part of my life again, but I guess I have to now take the advice I always give others: Life goes on and you will discover better things than what you have lost. I haven't even touched these things for years now. By right, I shouldn't feel the loss.

In the afternoon, when Mum asked me again, I had to finally come to term with the fact that the Barbie dolls--along with their gorgeous dresses and living hall furniture--were not going to be of use in my home anymore. I got over making them talk at least five years ago. And I have no younger siblings to take my place. If someone were to gain joy from playing with the dolls now like I used to, I can't be selfish by continuing to hoard them at home just waiting to be decomposed (which would be really hard because they are totally plastic). It was decided then that my little cousin Nicole would inherit the Barbie collection. And very gladly she did so.

We took the dolls to my uncle's house after taking Grandma out for a Mother's Day dinner. Nicole was obviously excited at the mostly pink and pastel sight. While the adults were chatting, she very meticulously and contentedly arranged and rearranged the miniature purple couches and TV set on the living hall floor. Looking at her, I could now happily let go because of the satisfaction gained in seeing joy on Nicole's face. Now I can light-heartedly say, "Goodbye, Barbies." I'm too sentimental.

This shall be my another rite of passage to adulthood.

Aside from adulthood, another state to celebrate this weekend is motherhood. I wish a lovely Mother's Day to all mothers out there!

In honor of this special occasion and my wonderful mum, Jess and I decided to buy for Mum the durian cheesecake that she loves from Secret Recipe and acknowledge her with a Certificate of Excellence for being an excellent mother, and of course, for her great service to the community for having raised three excellent daughters. I know, it goes right back to complimenting ourselves. Mum laughed out loud reading the certificate. That's what's so great about my mum. She has great wit too, along with many other great qualities.
There was even an official presenting of certificate. We take acknowledgement seriously.
Hope you all give plenty of love to your mamas! :)


  1. Nice!!! the certificate is so cool! haha..and your passing down of barbie dolls to your lil' cousin reminds me of toy story 3!

  2. Haha...thank you =) Oh no, I hope my Barbie dolls don't attempt to find me. I would be so crept out then. =P