Saturday, May 28, 2011

Me so excited.

Current status: I am three weeks into my second academic year in TAR College. Other than the fact that seeing so many young faces fresh out of secondary schools makes me feel sort of old in college now, there are a number of things that keeps me really excited.

First of all, meeting the new people in college

They may be the reason for my psychological aging, but it has been a fun few weeks getting to know the new names and new faces and the lives behind those faces. Most I have come to know through Christian Fellowship gatherings, and it is refreshing to see them so eager to serve God through CF without letting their newness stop them. Seeing a few of them already becoming regulars in our nightly hostel prayer meeting is encouraging. Knowing that God is really making miracles happen in the lives of some of my friends is even more exciting. And it has only been few weeks when so many of these great things unfolded, so of course I can't help but be excited at the prospect of what is to come for the large remaining part of this new semester.

Learning a new language

After wasting too much time contemplating, I am learning Korean this semester! Soon, I'll be able to read Korean words, sort of understand Korean dramas without the subtitles, and sing along to K-pop. Not that I am a fan of Korean pop culture (seemingly the reason my many new classmates want to learn Korean), but I guess I would have to at least learn to appreciate them a little more. After all, there's no better way to get a good grasp of a new language than through its music, is there? My primary motivation to learn this language probably stemmed from my teen years of watching way too many Korean dramas. And of course, the awesome kimchi and bibimbap.

You just can't say no to these.
So far, I've attended two lessons and it has become apparent that I can't catch new words as fast as most of the fanatics in the class. Either their obsession with Girls Generation and TVXQ drive them to become fast learners, or I'm actually a sad case of slow new language learner. Cross your fingers that I'll survive.

Not so college-related
During the break, I have also somehow found my way to really like fine art. Mindless doodling aside, art is something I've always had a hot and cold relationship with. I devoted a large part of my childhood to drawing and shedding realistic and cartoon animals on papers my parents didn't want to use anymore. At some point in life, I outgrew that phase, turning my interest to some other endeavors before drawing out plans of houses--in response with my ambition of wanting to become an interior designer--became my next obsession. Drawing became not so important again when I discovered I could design houses by playing The Sims. But that was years ago. I got over virtual designing too. When I discovered at 15 that I wanted to be a writer, I thought I should focus on just writing if I wanted to succeed (thus the many failed attempts at and commitment toward blogging). No point wasting time with paint and pencils. But now I think, who says one can't focus on doing two things well? So now I am into art again.

I don't really remember how this sudden burst of desire to color, paint and draw came about, but I can't wait for a time when I can finally have the time and means to give painting on canvas a try. My primary source of recent inspiration in arts has been Thaneeya McArdle, an extremely talented and skillful artist who can do both abstract and realistic arts really well. She is so good, she is even generous enough to offer tips on her website There, she offers some guides on using various media from colored pencils and inks to pastels and acrylics to create art. This girl makes art look so easy and reachable for normal humans such as us. I adore her work! If you look at her websites, you will be able to see her varied collection of her work that is pure captivating. Her abstract art so quirky, her photorealism ones so real they are capable of fooling you into thinking you are looking at a photograph.

It is so easy to fantasize about the day when I can draw and paint like her, but of course, she got to where she is today probably from years of persistence and really hard work. But I've decided I want to work on writing and creating art, even if I'm going to suck at painting for years. Seeing Thaneeya's artwork is what made me want to try acrylic painting. For now however, I shall settle for colored pencils and water color as practice. Can't be too ambitious without a foundation, can I?

And yes, once I can come out with something I think is presentable, I'll post it here.

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