Monday, August 15, 2011

if only they were real

A thousand stars to reach,
with only a ladder to the moon it barely touches;
       I try still to look at the glitters in the sky,
       but my night has turned dark again
              so dark,
              the star has been robbed of its distant limelight.

I light a candle,
but the wind blows so strong tonight.
      The little flicker of dancing light,
      robbed of its joy by the invisible force,
             force so strong,
             yet I see not with my desperate gaze.

Then drops of tears that trickle down my facade,
I feel the warmth so real at first.
       But the sky decides to cry tonight
       cry cold tears that envelop mine,
              telling me I'm a phony
              for trying to shed the warmth I thought I had.


  1. wow! this is so nice!! real deep!

  2. Thanks, Trish! I really appreciate that. =)