Wednesday, October 5, 2011


a condition that has always baffled me,
i look upon my fellow people,
ignorant because they don't want to believe,
adamant that there's no such thing too good in life.

my gratitude for Him,
they fail to make sense of it,
instead finding reasons to not believe,
just because He has loved them enough,
to give them such a thing as choice.

belief, so simple when it's done,
so abstract yet so powerful,
is all that was needed,
but the simplest can become the impossible,
the reason for the downfall,
the gap that's never filled,
just because doubt comes in.

i yearn to see them yearn,
yearn for the very thing they've been made for,
to find the answer to their question,
to have the shield before their eyes,
broken off for good,
for the revelation of this great love,
to become the very thing they can call their own.

but pride comes in the way,
or maybe it is just genuine confusion,
or like the case of a wandering child who never realizes,
that he has walked too far from home.

why don't they want to believe?
why can't they see the goodness of His love?
the sacrifice that has been made,
not appreciated by them.
i wonder how much it hurts Him,
to see them in their defiant way.

if only the world has just the physically blind.
but no,
people who think they can see,
see the deception that has been placed in life,
that has caused them to believe that the love is untrue.
they never realize the lie for what it is because, well,
they don't.

for eyes to be opened.
a prayer i prayed today.