Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A check to resolution No. 3

I have too many things I want to do, and as always, never the adequate time. But I'm unnecessarily proud to announce that I've gotten a head start on one of my resolutions.

After using the wonder of the World Wide Web to search for myself friendship bracelets how-to, and after the first two failed attempts (due to misinterpretation of instructions) that resulted in random, tangled blotches of color, AND after a search for more tutorials from YouTube that proved more useful than mere text instructions, I've finally made my very first proper friendship bracelet. :)

I'm not even going to pretend that I am not excessively proud of the success of my first Chevron-patterned friendship bracelet.
This is second attempt -- with a simpler pattern called Candy Stripe -- on its way (and done).

I'm now on my third bracelet and I intend to experiment with all as many patterns as I can, or rather, for as long as (because I can't promise that my short-attention span won't fail me) the lifespan of my interest in this hobby allows me.

The most often used strings for making the bracelets are the embroidery flosses, but I couldn't find them in any of the stationery shops near my college. So I had to settle for slightly thickers ones that I'm not quite sure of the name. But I think these thicker ones are actually better because they make the bracelets seem more sturdy.

Only 2 ringgit for each bundle. I wish I had bought more colors because I'm now restricted to making everything in green, sky blue, pink and dark purple until I get my hands on more yarn.

Bring me the yarns!


  1. lol..make me one with a bookmark! :D

  2. Wah...can demand for one on the spot huh. Haha. Why not a bracelet? =D

  3. can i just have the wool? My mom use to teach me how to knit. haha

  4. That's not wool la my dear junior... that's yarn..

  5. Hahahaha.

    May, I bought the yarns from one of our dear TBR stationery shops, so you can easily find them there too. You know how to knit? Cool! I want to learn that soon too. =P

  6. If you really want to, why not? :)