Thursday, January 19, 2012

He woofs, she meows

Boy meets girl. Awww. (via)
I'm nineteen and I'm still young, but back in my even younger days when it was still cute and not dumb to assume dumb things, I thought all dogs were males and all cats were females, and that a dog and a cat came together to produce boy puppies and girl kittens. No wonder the saying "fighting like cats and dogs" existed too. Did anyone else ever have the same thought as mine?

I deviate from here.

One and a fifth
That's how many hands I need to type decently. School has taught me plenty, but some lessons, like typing the proper way with all of ten fingers on the keyboard, just never stuck with me.

One fine day, I was typing away on my laptop with Jess beside me. She observed me for a while, laughed and said I typed with only my right hand and my left index finger. I gave her a "you kidding me" stare (okay, maybe I didn't, but for story-telling's sake, I think I did) and went back to typing. Then I laughed out loud, because I realized then that I really don't use the other three fingers and the thumb on my left hand whenever I type on a keyboard.

And if I have to choose a song that really helped me through life, it has to be the Alphabet song.
People tell me I'm intelligent and quick-to-learn (and I'm not denying the facts), but I spent probably the first fifteen years of my life not quite knowing whether O came after or before P. Every time I needed to identify the alphabetical order of a letter, I would have to sing the famous Alphabet song until I got to the letter I wanted. Figuring out the orders of the alphabet was my childhood nightmare. And I was petrified of language exercises that asked me to arrange a group of random words in alphabetical order. Of course, I seemed to face a lot of such exercises.

Only when I was the secretary of the Interact club back in my high school and also put in charge of the database of my church's youth group did I get a good grasp of the alphabet and its order. I had to. That was because sifting through oceans of names and placing them alphabetically became my job. I would always screw up Excel document (I still do), so I ended up using Word and had to recite the Alphabet song in my head like about two hundred times as I manually put the names in the right order. It was on an otherwise usual day when I was magically able to say that H comes before I at the snap of a finger. You have no idea how much of a personal achievement that was for me.

I still screw up the order every now and then, but the improvement is an achievement nevertheless.

Not driving others crazy drives me crazy.
I'm restless by nature. I pace about hallways and rooms and the great outdoor and just about anywhere with floor space because it's like second nature to me. I pace when I eat, read or am just deep in my own thoughts. It drives the people around me (especially the poor family members who have had to endure this for years already) crazy when I do that. But I'll go crazy if I have to stand still. I can't sit too, because sitting only causes me to feel lazy, which leads to lying down and consequently, falling asleep. So I guess I'm left with walking.

Okay, enough of random nothings for today. Bye.

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