Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Resolve

It's the start of a new year, with only a paper left pending before the end of yet another set of college finals, and it is thankfully still the right time to make some new resolutions. I'm not quite one for airing my dirty laundry for the world to see, but I figure resolutions kept too private usually never see any light. I reckon too that the pressure of the public eye will do me good by pushing me out of the complacency of inaction. So here I am right now, resolving this year to:

1. Laugh at jokes made to poke fun at my height or length (a term commonly substituted for height by the confused)
This first resolution was inspired in response to a dear friend who flattered himself to be so funny to suggest that my first new year resolution would be to grow shorter. Of course I had an issue with that. First of all, how can I grow shorter? Wouldn't I need to de-grow or shrink instead?

Many guys (that said dear friend in particular) and to a lesser extent, girls, have a problem with me being taller than them. It annoys them that they are shorter and it annoys me that they have to make 'tall' and 'long' jokes related to me just to make up for their lack of height.

But this year, instead of expressing annoyance at jokes with references to my height that are just plain lame, I shall laugh with them, and genuinely so it shall be done too. I want to be more helpful this year (refer Resolution 2). Laughing with them will lead them to believe that they are cooler and funnier than they really truly are and will therefore help boost their egos. I, on the other hand, get health plus points for longevity by being positive and easily tickled.

A win-win for all.

2. Be more helpful
Without secretly calculating what is expected to be done for/to me in return before I count us both even.

via The Style Stash
3. Make my own bracelets
Especially friendship bracelets. For self and for friends. Also a fun way to put next resolution into practice.

4. Be more generous
With my time, money and...err...words (third one's applicable to situations where people still find me too quiet)--just because I think stingy may well be my middle name and that many will attest to it.

5. Lose ten kilograms
I gained at least 2 kilograms of body weight last Christmas--thanks to lots of lamb, Christmas treats and lack of self-control. Projected further weight gain for the impending Chinese New Year is another 2 kilograms. Initial weight loss goal was 6 kilograms. So if you add them all up, I need to lose a total of ten.

Realistic action that can be taken: maybe eat 8 pieces of chocolate cookies in one sitting instead of 10?

Realistic afterthought: the success of this resolution is subject to the type of food I find myself exposed to for this whole year.
6. Press on for a bicycle
I shall be persistent in pestering my parents for a bicycle (bonus: a turquoise-colored one), even though riding on my friend's bike for a few rounds in the hostel compound the other day after years of not cycling left my butt hurting for the next 36 hours.

7. Read and understand the Bible
As opposed to scanning through the Word like a bullet train for the sake of hitting the targeted daily chapter count. 

8. Be literate and involved in the art and craft
Going to get my hands dirty in paint, pencils, crayons, glue, papers and glitters. Just for the joy of exploring.

9. Be less meticulous
Like maybe it doesn't have to be such a big deal if someone who borrowed my pen returned it to me by placing it in the wrong direction than where all the other pens and pencils are pointing in my fabric case. Or if the greenish blue hanger just doesn't match the pink shirt in my wardrobe in any remotely acceptable way. Or if there's a single spelling error to my awareness in my blog post.

10. Be kinder to myself
I'm going to start off by promising to not beat myself up for every resolution not taken seriously or achieved by the end of this year. Wow, I just attempted to let myself off the hook.

But don't you worry too soon about me having a weak will. Of course I'll try.

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