Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's the Dragon Year

To all the Chinese people out there -- and anybody else who celebrates it anyway because it has become a part of your culture -- Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Mushu can finally cheer as this is his year.

"Yeah!" (via disneysites)
Jessica's birthday fell on the first day of the celebration, so she turned a ripe young age of twenty-one yesterday too. My sister has finally gained her brand new independence. Which, on second thought, probably makes no difference to her since she hasn't exactly been deprived of freedom by my parents. Right?
I'm sure she attests to it.

We celebrated it all with the best food (Mom's cooking) and some relatives coming over, sort of like a little reunion and surprise birthday party sort of thing. Nothing too grand. But really, the whole coziness of it is what makes the celebration extra lovely.

So, blessed 21st birthday, dearest Jessica! Thanks for being the sister who puts up with my crudeness, my crazy random bursts of singing spontaneous songs with plain terrible lyrics and especially the blanket-pulling (and totally winning you at it) on cold nights; who shares even when I don't, who cares even when you don't want to admit to it sometimes, and who is like a best friend to me. I love you!


  1. nice!!! And did you seriously get those sandals from cotton on for 5 bucks each?!?

  2. Thanks. :) Haha, yes! I think it was because all the sandals, heels and shoes needed to be cleared to make space for new ones. They had all the odd sizes left, which suited me just fine since my feet size is odd. =P