Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to Twenty Twelve

It's the professed final year on earth for poor us!

No, it probably is not.

For every ten new year greetings I get this new year, I get half of them with mentions of doomsday. What a great way to set the mood for the rest of the year huh, people. Well, I just made mention of doomsday happen in this blog post too. I'm sorry. Haha. Really.

Anyway, to all the optimists and care-free out there, may 2012 be a year of fun new obstacles for you to conquer with grace and the spirit of a victor, and may there be an outpouring of things to be turned into memories that you can keep in your heart for the many more years to come.

To the pessimists and worry warts of the short, short future set before us, may you brace yourself for a dramatic end to us.

Nah, you didn't just take my last sentence seriously. (You better not.)

Blessed New Year!
May God be in the center of all your endeavors. :)

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