Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's talk a lil' music

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Recently, I've been listening to Sia a lot, and I totally love her. There's a sort of understated poetry to her lyrics that makes me want to keep listening to her songs. I find her songs always brimming with emotions. I even cried at some recent point in my life while listening to I'm In Here, because the words were so true to the things that went on in my head at that time. What an emotional mess I can be.

But really, Sia is one Aussie girl to love. I love her songs I Go To Sleep, Breathe Me, My Love, Soon We'll Be Found and of course, I'm In Here. And the list keeps on expanding. I can keep finding out new songs from her and then easily fall for them. I like how her lyrics are uncomplicated, flowing and can trigger my emotions. She's become one of my favorite singers.

Here's I Go To Sleep:

And then there's Kimbra, a complete oddball (in both an endearing and a disturbing way) who is even weirder when you open up a live video of her performing her song and you see her do all the funny gestures and movements with her free hands. I'm right now hooked to one particular song of hers - Cameo Lover - because the tune and arrangement of the song isn't boringly predictable. It's darn right catchy. And oh how I love the part of the song where she goes a key or some higher. I also really like that it has a very interesting play of words. Well, most of her songs do. She mostly writes them herself, so that means she's uber talented, and oh my, she's only a year and a half older than me. I'm not so big a fan of all her other songs like how I love Sia's, because they aren't really my style, but I think Kimbra is gifted as a lyricist.

'Cause everyday's like talking in your sleep
Love is like a silhouette in dreams
Open up your heart, open up you heart
Open up your heart and let me pull you out
- Cameo Lover

I can keep singing those words.

I don't think I'm really getting the underlying meaning of the song yet, but I'm loving the music video. Gotta love the pink dress she wears in the music video too. And would you just look at those adorable little yellow and white pom-poms on it? I too want strings of little pom-poms.

An end note:

HAHAHAHA I find this just so funny, I like.
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