Friday, April 13, 2012

Efflorescence Inspired

Sometimes I feel so close to you,
When the morning sun lurks in the horizon,
And I'm still talking to you,
Like the world is just you.

Playfulness that is so comfortable,
At ease like a child at play,
We fool around,
As if a day's work doesn't await us.

I long to give you honey,
sweet words,
Arms that yearn to embrace,
The sweetness that makes you, you.

But oh how you keep your secrets,
And I keep mine,
An intimacy divided,
By the toil of the unspoken.

Shall I write you a song?
Song that sings of my affection.
But how devastating a truth it'll be,
If it goes not responded.

Tell me what do I make out of words,
and actions and intentions,
So leading, so bubbling,
Like you have reasons to make them known.

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