Thursday, April 19, 2012

Writer's Block

I used to be convinced that writer's block was my greatest enemy. But now I realize, it's not writer's block that I'm battling against, but rather, what I make of all my thoughts. A writer can never be empty of ideas, because as long as she continues to breathe, her every second is filled with new observation of her old surrounding, reminders of things to be done today, sweet and bitter memories of yesterday, and from all these things, little judgments that arise along the way - all of them paths to new thoughts (ideas) or are themselves new ideas.

Writer's block is not the blockage of a flow of ideas or the creative juice. Writer's block is the deprecation of your own ideas, to see it as unworthy or unfit to be let out into the world beyond your own because you think you know it is so stupid, no one in this world deserves to have a few minutes of their life be wasted on reading that thought of yours. I think that a lot of times, that's why I have held back so many of my ideas over the years. But the funny thing is, I think the same a lot of times for some of the posts I've posted here too, and it is the ideas that I most fear will be ridiculed by others that usually get the most positive feedback or at least some strong reaction from my readers. So chances are, the many ideas that I've bypassed before and locked in my mental dungeon were great ideas that could have been. There's really a need for renewal in the mindset of every writer stuck in it, to find worth in oneself, to find worth in every new thought. Only then can the writer be brimming with exciting new ideas all the time. Only then can I.

Many have called me a thinker. Some, an over-thinker (which I suspect is a less flattering form of the first remark). I can't totally disagree with them, because I admit to reading into people's reactions too much too often, or thinking about more possibilities and answers to cases that have already been closed. Dwelling too much into everything easily leads you to dismiss as irrelevant most of your thoughts - because, you can't possibly have a thousand new thoughts a minute and have all one thousand of them be screaming ingenuity right in the face. That's fooling yourself. Borderline delusion even. That said, it's also a delusion to think that of the thousand thoughts springing out of the assembly line of that grey matter of yours, not one is even slightly substantial enough to be developed and shared with the world. Most of the time, the world just doesn't work in either side of extremities. It likes it grey.

A new idea is always present. All that is needed for it to take form is a little bit more courage on the writer's part to acknowledge it. That is why there's no such thing as writer's block. Unless you are a writing corpse. Even then, the idea of you being dead and still writing is a great idea in itself.