Sunday, February 17, 2013

A chirpy note

Most sad little stories come with a happy ending. Almost two weeks following the loss of my favorite earring, mine came.

It started off as a morning mundane enough, before I became plagued with a reason to think I had started hallucinating. I was sitting at my work desk flipping through the pages of my spiral notebook whenfor a brief moment, I looked at the spiral and thought I saw my missing earring stuck in between the winding metal. I chuckled at myself as even I couldn't believe I would miss an earring so much to start imagining its presence. That brief moment passed, but the hallucination did not.

Then I realized I wasn’t hallucinating at all. My index finger reached out to touch the earring, almost willing the tiny thing to dissolve into thin air upon skin contact. Nothing of that sort happened. It was legitimately a lost item that got found, although how it came from being dropped in a train to sitting in the center of my notebook can remain a mystery. I looked around the office and found no one near to share my happy occasion with, so I did a little cheer for myself before resuming work. That made a happy start to my day. Celebration, big or small, is still a celebration.

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