Friday, February 22, 2013

Life Without

Wanted you to be my everything,
The dew that trickles into my morning sight,
The warm promise of a restful night,
A kaleidoscope that paints a willing smile on my face.

But I have been forfeited,
From a claim of what was never mine to make,
Red-faced by the swing of a fist,
Half from its force and half from shame.

In replacement is a sight of you taking a step back,
Threatening to walk away,
To another place a whole dimension apart,
Leading me to thoughts of my world in disintegration.

But in the aftermath it turns out whole still,
With me drawing each new breath,
That crosses over to a tomorrow,
Into a new morning alive and well again.

In the wake of a bereavement,
The vigor in me grows more violent,
And I learn that I can live with this loss,
Like I have lived with many others.

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