Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1. vivid bursts of colors

A change of room color from deep maroon to baby pink is capable of lightening up the atmosphere. Lime green makes my eldest sister cringe all the time. Every color carries its own set of mood, and sure, some are sad while others are happy, but it's almost impossible to think of any one in an exclusively negative light. The color blue evokes the blues in people? Look at the clear morning sky! Nothing speaks freedom and a hopeful day of outdoor fun more than the blueness of the sky. And if someone tells me red signifies anger, I'm going to respond that it is the color of boldness and passion too.

A burst of colors is an overflowing of feel-good emotions. Nothing brings instantaneous contentment like colors hitting your retina. They are delightful to no end, their effect on us intriguing. I would stare at a color chart for a good quarter of an hour trying to decide whether I like fuchsia or electric purple better, which, at the moment, would be the former - the shade imbued with slightly more red pigments - because it feels more luxurious and at the same time cozy.

I like that the world is not dictated by absolute blacks and whites or the in-between shades of grey, but every cute or awkward color that takes form in the color spectrum are given the free rein of this space too. And if I had to live in a world of only primary red, blue and yellow, life would feel stiff like the Lego pieces I played with as a child - bold in their colors but, really, so limited in what those three shades and the bonus green could create.

Black and white are undeniably classy, and yellow and red lively, but without the likes of turquoise, fuchsia and tangerine existing alongside them, so much depth would have been lost in the beauty of this world.

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I posted most recently 40 little causes of contentment. Then I thought it would be a nice change of things to give a background to each of my reason, starting with reason number one. This and all subsequent posts will be labelled Heart's content.

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