Monday, April 15, 2013

Little causes of contentment

1.vivid bursts of colors 2.globes and maps 3.quiet moments 4.seashells in the damp sand of seagulls 6.peppermint ice cream with traces of chocolate 7.favorite songs on replay 8.writing in the journal 9.laughter 10.joyride 11.peanut butter and banana 12.paper lanterns in the night 13.stars in the sky supplies shop chatter dress shop's cooking 19.bicycles 20.warm brownies 21.colorful bracelets 22.plants in a home 23.candid photographs 24.encouragement from another 25.walks to nowhere 26.caring voice of a friend 27.stories of kindness of strangers 28.charms engaging book 30.a DIY project done well 31.morning conversation with God 32.a stroll in the mall - visual candy 33.doodles 34.fluttery butterflies in the stomach 35.lace impressive live stage performance 37.arts and crafts magazine 38.pretty textiles 39.bright woven bags 40.ride to the airport

contentment no.4

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