Friday, January 30, 2015

Talking Things #1

I love looking at pretty things, and it is undeniable that I spend huge portions of my free time constantly discovering artists, designers and craftspeople whose aesthetics and concepts excite me. As such, I've decided to document the things that seem so special to me by introducing the Talking Things posts. Every month, I would like to share with you an object or two or more that have spoken to me on a visual or conceptual level. They can be items created by a specific artist, a few similar objects by different individuals, or things absolutely unrelated to one another that just happen to have a hold of my attention for the month.

For this first post, I have to show you the most decadent jewelry boxes I've ever come across. They are the beauties from Solange Azagury-Partridge's Metamorphosis collection.
The collection features five jewelry boxes, but the one I particularly enjoy is this one called the Secret Garden. What do you get when you open the secret garden?

You get a bunch of charms in the shapes of a bench, shoes, trees, statues and vase.
Once the greenhouse is taken apart, even the roof gets to be a bowl and the walls two identical cuffs for a very fancy dinner party.
And oh, as if the jewelry box isn't sensational enough already, when the ground of the greenhouse comes off, it gets to be a necklace too. In short, if you own this jewelry box, everything about your box can be worn as some sort of jewelry. Your jewelry box is your jewelry.

I think the Snakepit is another very cool box, mostly because of the morbid element of skeletons among the snakes.

The skeletons turn into earrings once they are out of the pit, and the ground filled with snakes is actually a pendant of writhing snakes. Oh look, the skeletons left behind a pair of heels as charms too. I wonder if the snakes have devoured the other pair though.

Here are the other three designs:
Ark of the Covenant

Eternal Feminine
Through the Keyhole

The detail put into the designs of these jewelry cases is simply breathtaking. I have no idea how much each of these jewelry boxes costs, but with them being made of gold and gems like diamonds, opal, rose quartz and obsidian, they obviously shall remain a thing to be admired from afar.

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  1. OMG they are absolutely beautiful! Eternal feminine is my favourite ♥ Great post Amanda, I didn't know them so I love it!